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The Insurance Industry is Not a Free Market Solution


There's an idea floating out there that police officers should carry liability insurance.

That's the dumbest idea ever. It's like trying to hire a babysitter to watch over the bad babysitter who occasionally hurts your children. The right thing to do is just fire the bad babysitter. But with bad police officers come unions and the likely inept municipal government that hires them.

Forcing everyone to get liability insurance will only reward insurance companies. Can you imagine the rates? Can you imagine how much an officer would hesitate to do their job because proper action might drive up their rates?

Good God, no. Inserting a third party to solve crappy human resources issues is beyond moronic.

Root cause: we can't get rid of bad employees in government. Whether it's teachers, bureaucrats, cops...

All attention ought to be focused on stupid retention policies. Public sector unions ought to be eradicated. Bad managers in government ought to be fired and then the bad eggs thrown out with them.

But not the purchase of insurance.

Bonds for contractors, malpractice insurance for doctors, liability insurance for engineering firms... some would argue that these work, but all they do is jack up our price for doing business with these companies and their people. That cost is passed on to us, and these companies and people can raise their rates to cover these costs.

Police officers can't "raise their salary" in response to high insurance rates. Their salary is fixed - unless they get a second job or do something illegal.

Want better police officers?

1) Make firing the bad ones easy.
2) Take the issuance of speeding tickets away from them. It has ruined their relationship with the public.

These two things will better enable them to truly "keep the peace" and make them peace officers once again.


by Brett Rogers, 4/3/2018 10:47:18 AM


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