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Securing the Rights You Do Have


We've spent decades allowing people like Sheila Jackson Lee to get elected. As a politician, she has no wisdom. She has no love for the Constitution or its precepts.

No wiser is Paul Ryan. A self-appointed problem-solver for all of society, his machinations are as insidious as the obvious cluelessness with which She-Jack speaks. Neither constrains themselves within the constitutional limits of the federal government.

In fact, no federal politician limits themselves to the constraints of the Constitution. Every federal politician has voted for unconstitutional legislation. And that's your fault. And my fault. We allowed them to get into office and do unconstitutional things - without any check on their behavior. Worse, we then re-elected them.

So what's the solution?

Some suggest armed revolution. But if you look around your neighborhood, there is little desire or tolerance for violence. People want peace, both abroad and most certainly at home. Not a solution.

Some suggest that we try to influence today's politicians - but these politicians don't listen. Neither Jackson Lee nor Ryan gives a damn about their constituents. There is no bending them to the will of the people or the Constitution. Also, not a solution.

Which leaves one thing: voting in new politicians, at every level of government, to replace the bad with the good.

That's hard work, and frankly it's our due payment for a couple centuries of almost non-existent oversight by We the People. We've allowed the judiciary, the Congress, and the Presidency to spin wildly far from their constitutional limits.

To replace the bad with the good, I've suggested The 350 Plan. In a nutshell, it's the idea that 350 people in a district would agree to save up $300 over the course of a year ($25 a month) to give to a challenger at the start of their campaign to replace a bad incumbent. Together, they would fund the challenger with over $100K to begin the marketing necessary to beat the well-moneyed incumbent.

That depth of early organization has never happened. To succeed, it requires effort and discipline, neither of which today's Americans demonstrate in abundance.

Long ago, people walked in rags for foot covering in the dead of winter to win freedom. If setting aside $25 on a monthly basis is too much to ask, then yes - America and our Constitution are finished.

I'll be organizing for this because I love my children. Unfortunately, they will inherit the disaster that awaits them because of my generation's refusal to hold politicians accountable for their reckless deeds in office.

In the Federalist #10, Madison tells us that while sections of a State may chase "improper or wicked projects" through their representative in government, the strength of a republic is that such poor representation can be beaten by a coalition of other wise representatives. We can endure the Sheila Jackson Lees and the Paul Ryans if we elect enough of the Thomas Massies and the Dave Brats into office.

The only way to do that is to commit yourself to early organization and fundraising. There is no other way.


by Brett Rogers, 3/30/2018 9:00:19 AM


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